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What is My Cat Trying to Tell Me?

Cats are complex creatures with unique personalities and interesting ways of communicating with people. They often do funny or curious things that make their owners stop and wonder exactly what theyíre trying to say, but it really isnít very difficult to communicate with your cat. Cats are vocal creatures that have a lot to say, and watching their actions will help you begin to understand the way they think, the way they communicate with people, and why they are behaving in a particular manner.

Why Does My Cat Rub Against Things?

Cats are constantly rubbing up against furniture, people, and anything else they take a liking to. Rubbing against people and household items is a catís way of showing ownership, and when your cat rubs against your leg or a particular piece of furniture, he is leaving his scent behind. Heís laying his claim, and when your cat caresses your leg with his side upon passing, itís his way of saying that he loves you. Rub heads with your cat to express your love in return.

Why Does My Cat Drop His Toys in His Food and Water Bowls?

If youíre finding your catís toys floating in his water time and time again, or laying in his food dish, itís because your cat is claiming his toys as his property. His food and water bowls are part of his territory, and placing his toys or other items he finds around the house in his food and water is his way of claiming them by putting them away. Provide your cat with a shallow basket for his toys, and in time, youíll find him putting his special belongings in his basket for safekeeping.

Why Does My Cat Knead With His Paws?

Cats love kneading thick blankets and cushy pillows with their front paws, and some cats do this quite often. When they were kittens, this is how they encouraged milk to flow from their mother while nursing, and itís a natural behavior that is very common, even in older cats. When cats find a soft blanket or pillow they like, many comfort themselves by kneading with their front feet before finding a comfortable place to lie down for a nap.

Why Does My Cat Hold His Mouth Open After Smelling Something?

Have you ever noticed your cat sniffing an invisible spot on the floor and holding his mouth open with a very peculiar look on his face? This is known as flehming, and itís a catís way of learning more about something by transferring the scent to a sac in the roof of his mouth where the information is sent to his brain for analysis. Cats most often smell urine from a cat of the opposite sex or a female cat in heat when making this funny face.

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