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Indoor Games to Play With Your Dog

Dogs of all ages love to play, and what better way to spend quality time with your dog than by playing games? Although most dogs don’t mind venturing out into the rain or snow, dog owners would usually rather stay indoors when the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor play. There are a number of fun indoor games you can play with your dog, and more than likely you’ll have just as much fun with your dog while playing the following indoor games.

Find the Treat

It’s common knowledge that dogs love treats, but did you know that dogs searching for them? This game is highly enjoyable for dogs because tasty treats are the prize. You’ll find out how keen your dog’s sense of smell is when he sniffs out treats you hide for him to find.

Teach your dog to search for treats by showing him a treat and placing it beneath a piece of furniture, a rug, or any other accessible hiding place. Let your dog see where you’ve put the first treat, and encourage him to get it. Hide the next treat without showing him where you’ve put it, and enthusiastically tell him to find the treat. It may take him awhile to catch on, but in time, he’ll learn your hiding places and he’ll enjoy seeking out his tasty rewards.


Larger dogs love to wrestle, and if you want to have fun with your dog indoors, get down on the floor and enjoy a friendly wrestling match. Not only will your dog have a good time, but also you’ll burn some calories in the process. If the wrestling match ever starts to become too aggressive, calm it down a bit and always stay in control of the game. Make sure your dog realizes this gentle wrestling match is just for fun.

Softball Fetch

Dogs require exercise all year long, and indoor activities can be just as beneficial as outdoor activities. Dogs and their owners usually play fetch outdoors, but a game of indoor fetch can be just as fun. Instead of using hard tennis balls, consider buying softer rubber balls made especially for dogs. They’re a safer alternative to tennis balls since they aren’t as rigid, and they don’t have fabric covers that present a choking hazard.

Hide and Seek

A regular game of hide and seek can be one of the most enjoyable indoor activities you can play with your dog. Begin a game of hide and seek by hiding around a corner, and playfully jump out at your dog when he investigates what you’re doing. Gain the assistance of a family member, and have someone hold the dog’s collar while you hide somewhere else. Before the dog enters the room, call his name, and wait for him to begin looking for you. This fun and exciting activity will definitely become a favorite indoor game that you and your dog will look forward to playing anytime of the year.

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