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How to Keep your Chihuahua Happy

How to Keep your Chihuahua Happy

What are the most important facts you need to know to keep your Chihuahua happy, healthy and well behaved? Here we cover several important points about Chihuahuas, like their temperament, level of intelligence and suitability for a family with children. Other factors such as their likes and dislikes, feeding habits, how best to train for obedience and how much exercise and maintenance they need are also covered. Then you will be better informed about what makes the difference between owning a great little dog and being terrorised by a tiny package of wilful, snarling aggression on four legs.

As far as temperament goes, Chihuahuas have an unfortunate tendency to be volatile. These small, intelligent dogs are usually suspicious of anyone other than its owner. They display dislike for other breeds of dog, can appear moody and turn quite nasty when provoked. Despite their small stature, these dogs are fearless and will often initiate hostilities with much larger dogs they may meet while out with their owner, so it is always advisable to keep them on a leash when walking. One advantage of these dogs being so small in stature, is when hostilities get too heated, you can always simply pick them up and carry them away from the danger zone.

Their intelligence is high which makes them cunning and manipulative, using to their advantage their ownerís often misplaced belief that because they are only small they must be harmless and thus be mollycoddled. They display jealousy if another person tries to get between them and their owner and can become aggressive towards the one they see as the interloper.

The above qualities therefore make them ill suited for families with small children, who they will interpret as rival dogs to be attacked or put to flight. However, although unsuitable for a young family, the Chihuahua can make an excellent pet for an elderly person living alone, or a couple whose children have grown up and left home. They are also great for individual dog lovers who have the time and patience to indulge the tiny dogís need for almost constant attention.

Chihuahuas like attention from their owner. They like lots of it, in fact. They thrive on being the centre of their ownerís universe, so the more time you have to spend pampering your small dog and pandering to its every whim, the happier he will be. On the other hand, Chihuahuas dislike intensely being ignored or left alone for any length of time. In such a case, they are quite capable of running amok in your home and shredding your upholstery, wrecking your furniture and ripping up your mail.

As for feeding, Chihuahuas like order and routine, so stick as closely as possible to the same times during the morning and evening when feeding your dog. They are quite likely to prefer canned cat food to dog food, which they like served in small portions. They have a tendency to be fussy eaters, so you have to experiment a bit to find out what they like best, then stick to those brands of food. These might include several different flavours which can be rotated over a period of days so as to give the dog some variety.

Training from a young age at a respected training school will pay dividends as the Chihuahua matures, as they will be more obedient and responsive to their ownerís verbal as well as non-verbal commands. When out walking, have a positive grip on the leash, keeping it short and therefore restricting the dogís ability to do what it wants to.

Being such small dogs, Chihuahuas require only limited exercise, so a short walk around the local streets once or twice a day is often plenty for them. As far as maintenance goes, these small dogs love to be preened and pampered, so lots of brushing with a soft brush and regular baths will keep their coats clean and in good condition, as well as strengthening the bond between owner and pet.

So in conclusion, by following these handy tips, you have an excellent chance of owning a fun little character as long as you refrain from placing it in a family situation or where it stands the chance of not being the centre of attention. By having it trained at a young age, then properly fed and maintained and as long as you give your Chihuahua lots of love, affection and attention, it will be your best friend ever and give you a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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