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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Beagle

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Beagle

Are you a fan of Snoopy? Do you just adore Shiloh? Then a beagle may be the dog for you. Just look at them, they are simply adorable. If you were to own a dog just based on looks, the Beagle would be in the top ten. They have intelligent eyes that can look at you as if they care deeply about you. Besides looks, there are many other reasons why a beagle would make a great pet. There are also some disadvantages.

Due to a beagle’s short coat, grooming is simple and can be done sparingly. This is only true if you do not own a beagle who loves to roll around in the dirt. They shed frequently all year round. This can aggravate allergies or keep you cleaning often. If fed a proper diet, there coat will remain shiny, even if it is lacking a bath.

Beagles also have a loving personality. This makes them a great family dog. They are great with keeping up with youngsters or those physically active and they are great with cuddling and lying around with older adults. They tend to be lazy unless they see their owner playing. Their laziness can lead to being overweight, which is common in household beagles.

They have a great love for food and can be seen as quite the beggar. This bad habit can be trained by feeding your dog only what is given him in his dish and treats for performing tricks. The beagle’s drive for hunger makes him easy to train because he will practically do anything to get that small treat in his owner’s hand.

Beagles are known as hunting dogs. If you are a hunting fan, be sure to bring your pooch along for he will be of great assistance. They have very sensitive noses and ears, which makes them great to catch small prey.

If you could not tell by their engrossing eyes, beagles are very emotional creatures. When their owner leaves them alone or does not have time to play with them, they take it personally. They will huff and sigh while sitting across from you, be all over you demanding your attention, or even be destructive to your personal things or trash.

Overall, beagles are great. They make a great companion for anyone of all ages. Due to their natural hunting abilities, you may have some behavioral issues such as howling, trash digging, and chewing.

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